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Minnesota-Scores is proud to announce the return of Boys and Girls Holiday Basketball Tournaments to Concordia College and the Fargo-Moorhead community in 2018!


These will be a series of four-team bracketed tournaments held December 27th and 28th, 2018.  There will also be an optional JV tournament provided.


We are actively looking for teams to participate next year, so for more information and specifics about the tournament and/or to receive an entry form, please contact:


Ryan Weinzierl
[email protected]
218-422-6466 (leave VM)



Score Reporting
  • We use the AP, Twitter, the Submit a Score link found in 42 places on this site and texting 218-422-6466 for all of our scores each night.
  • We use the MSHSL site as backup the following days for anything missing.
  • We DO NOT use any of the hubs for score reporting, nor do we use them as a source for "the right score".  It is kind of like telling Yahoo Sports to go to CBS Sportsline for the accurate info.  So saying we have an inaccurate record for a team and telling us to go to a different media outlet to verify is not something we will do, they generally use the same sources we do.  If we have an inaccurate record, then we have an inaccurate score so let us know what the accurate scores should be and everything else will be fixed.
  • We are only as accurate as the scores being reported, and unfortunately that is not always the best. We do use the AP feed every night but still get 3 or 4 reported incorrectly.  So please check the accuracy of your scores and use the Submit a Score links located throughout the site to fix anything incorrect.
  • WE CAN NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!  We cannot be at every game, so the only way this works is with your help - cannot thank everyone enough for the support this year and in years past!!!
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For seeding purposes, we have found a way to get teams to use the QRF and traditional tiebreakers together, the new Tiebreaker Margin link has all the info.

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Friday, January 19 / Listen Here

Hardware Hank Athlete of the Week
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 -

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Parker Keep, junior, Rothsay boys' basketball and Carmen Backes, senior, Chisago Lakes girls' basketball.



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Scores Reported Through
January 18, 2018
Boys Basketball
2725 of 2735 (99.6%)
Girls Basketball
2938 of 2965 (99.1%)
Boys Hockey
1238 of 1244 (99.5%)
Girls Hockey
1184 of 1186 (99.8%)
1677 of 1773 (94.6%)


TM Tiebreakers
When teams need to use the Tiebreaker Margin for seeding, what should be the 2nd tiebreaker (after head to head)?
Overall Record
Conference Record (if same schedule)
Section Record (with min. played)
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2016-17 QRF at State

Boys Soccer (13-3) 81%
Girls Hockey (17-5) 77%
Volleyball (25-8) 76%
Football (37-12) 76%
Girls Basketball (33-11) 75%
Boys Hockey (15-7) 68%
Girls Soccer (10-6) 63%

Boys Basketball (0-0) 0%
Boys Lacrosse (0-0) 0%
Girls Lacrosse (0-0) 0%
Softball (0-0) 0%
Baseball (0-0) 0%
2016-17 Total (150-52-0) 74%


Historical QRF

2004-05 Overall Results (49-15) 77%
2005-06 Overall Results (166-75) 69%
2006-07 Overall Results (178-71) 72%
2007-08 Overall Results (170-75-1) 69%
2008-09 Overall Results (199-82) 71%
2009-10 Overall Results (190-88-2) 68%
2010-11 Overall Results (189-91-1) 67%
2011-12 Overall Results (178-101) 64%
2012-13 Overall Results (210-97-1) 68%
2013-14 Overall Results (195-89-3) 69%
2014-15 Overall Results (210-98-1) 68%
2015-16 Overall Results (223-109-1) 67%
2016-17 Overall Results (150-52-0) 74%
Girls Lacrosse (27-6) 81.8%
Volleyball (295-101) 74.5%
Girls Hockey (188-69) 73.2%
Boys Hockey (189-75) 71.6%
Boys Basketball (270-110-1) 71.0%
Softball (224-103) 68.5%
Girls Basketball (292-135) 68.4%
Girls Soccer (97-45-2) 68.1%
Football (357-181-1) 66.3%
Boys Soccer (91-47-6) 65.3%
Boys Lacrosse (20-13) 60.6%
Baseball (225-146) 60.6%

Total - (2307-1043-10) 68.8%
For detailed results of every sport click here.

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