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#30 Katie Felton | G | Grade: 11
11-13-2009Thief River Falls (W 6-3)WIN1933.2160.84248
11-14-2009East Grand Forks (W 4-1)WIN2411.0230.95851
11-17-2009Lakeville North (W 4-3)WIN1832.7150.83356
11-19-2009Red Wing (W 4-2)WIN1522.0130.86751
11-27-2009Minnehaha (W 8-1)WIN711.960.85727
11-28-2009St. Paul United (W 4-2)WIN2522.0230.92051
12-03-2009St. Croix Valley (L 4-5)LOSS2055.0150.75051
12-08-2009Mahtomedi (W 4-2)WIN1522.0130.86751
12-11-2009Richfield (W 5-0)WIN1200.0121.00051
12-15-2009Simley (L 2-5)LOSS1444.4100.71446
12-31-2009Hibbing/Chisholm (W 5-0)WIN1600.0161.00051
01-01-2010Warroad (L 1-6)LOSS4066.0340.85051
01-02-2010Blake (L 2-7)LOSS4277.0350.83351
01-05-2010St. Paul/Henry Sibley (W 4-1)WIN2011.0190.95051
01-08-2010Hill-Murray (L 2-5)LOSS2844.0240.85751
01-12-2010North/Tartan (L 1-2)LOSS2222.0200.90951
01-15-2010Mahtomedi (W 9-2)WIN1422.0120.85751
01-19-2010Richfield (W 7-0)WIN500.051.00051
01-22-2010Simley (W 2-0)WIN1400.0141.00051
01-26-2010Tartan (W 6-3)WIN1333.0100.76951
01-29-2010St. Paul/Henry Sibley (W 3-2)WIN1722.0150.88251
02-03-2010Hill-Murray (L 1-5)LOSS2655.0210.80851
02-05-2010North/Tartan (W 3-2)WIN1622.0140.87551
02-17-2010Simley (W 5-1)WIN1511.0140.93351
02-19-2010Totino-Grace (W 5-2)WIN1622.0140.87551
02-24-2010Hutchinson (W 6-0)WIN900.091.00051
02-26-2010Breck (L 1-5)LOSS3355.0280.84951
02-27-2010Alexandria (W 4-1)WIN1611.0150.93851
Season Totals531662.44650.8761401
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