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Monday, March 9, 2020
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The Future


In the summer of 2003, Minnesota-Scores was a fledgling outfit just trying to post info using Excel spreadsheets to a static Yahoo web page, no intention of turning it into anything other than a hobby and definitely no vision of using the QRF for seeding like it is now.  I was approached to join MWSPN (MidwestSportsNetwork) and provide scores, schedules and standings for the network (CraigOlsonSports, SportsCow, Vikingland, PheasantCountry, LakelandSports etc).  These were run by radio stations that covered their local area teams, but nothing statewide which is why it was a good fit for me.  Plus it gave me an actual state of the art (for 2004) website instead of the aforementioned spreadsheets. :)

Since then the MWSPN database has been sold twice, once in about 2008 to become PrepGiant and again in 2018.  However the database did not have the necessary enhancements and upkeep needed to stay secure and just as importantly functional.  So now that state of the art web site and database is…to be nice.....20+ years old and withering away.

By now I’m sure you are thinking “get to the point already”, so I will.

Minnesota-Scores has come to an agreement to purchase the database and software from the current owner.  Beginning 3/31/2020, we will own and have access to everything you see on the sites and are looking forward to future changes that will help the security, stability and performance.  This is an exciting time for us on this end as it opens the door to a lot of new things that we can’t wait to show you in the coming months.

For the most part, this is inside baseball – something that very few of you will care about.  But I felt the need to go public with this because what I do (I feel) fills a need and is counted on in many aspects by many people, not just for seeding/ranking but by a lot of other entities for a lot of different reasons.  Seeing tweets like “must be a Friday night because Minnesota-Scores is down” is so frustrating for all viewers and 10x more for me, especially since I didn’t have any control.

Now I do – so what does that mean for you?

Plans are in place to create a brand new back-end database and a completely different front end user experience, including a responsive site for mobile users and updated brackets that can actually be seen on all devices.  As the statement says, this change opens the door for a lot of new things, so there are a lot of things that can happen.

  • If there are things you like and don’t want to change – tell me.
  • If there are things you don’t like and want to change – tell me.
  • If there are things we don’t have and you want – tell me.

Hopefully by now you get the point – I want feedback.  This site started as something for the fans of High School Sports and I want to make sure the focus remains in two main areas - user experience and quality and completeness of scores.  So if you want to provide your wish list(s)/input, please send an email to comments@minnesota-scores.net and your voice will be heard and replied to.

I do want to emphasize this will not be an easy transition as we're dealing with very old, unmanaged code (PHP 5.6 for those that care) so I expect there to be some issues once we launch, but the goal is to be able to provide a more robust experience for everyone involved and continue to supply Minnesota schools with the information needed going forward.

From my perspective, it is amazing what has happened with this site over the past 16 years and my guess is we’re still only uncovering the tip of the iceberg!


Thanks for reading and supporting the site for all these years!


Ryan Weinzierl

Owner – Eleven-Seven LLC

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