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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
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The Winners for 10-23-07: Ethan Kern and Josh Brozek

By Ryan Phelps
Verndale and Rockford

Congratulations to our Hardware Hank “Nuts & Bolts” Athletes of the Week: Ethan Kern, senior, Verndale football and Josh Brozek, senior, Rockford football.



Name: Ethan Kern

Number: 11

Position: RB

Sport: Football

Year: Senior

School: Verndale

Athletic Director: Michael Mahlen, 218-445-5184, mmahlen@verndale.k12.mn.us

Address: 411 SW Brown Street, Verndale, MN56481

Nominated by: Susan Walsvik

Information: Ethan is nearly the heart and soul of the Verndale football team.  At 5'4" and under 150lbs, what he lacks for in size he makes up for with enthusiasm and true grit.  The last 3 games he has played with a painful injury (bruised ribs). In one of the games he received a 'low blow' from an opposing player (after the play had ended).  After sitting out one or two plays, he went back in, and in spite of the pain he must have been experiencing, ran another incredible touch down play.  He is respected and admired in the school and loved by his family--all 11 of them!



Name: Josh Brozek

Number: 18

Position: QB/Safety

Sport: Football

Year: Senior

School: Rockford

Athletic Director: Michael Tauber, 763-477-7554, tauberm@rockford.k12.mn.us

Address: 7600 County Road 50, Rockford, MN55373

Nominated by: Jeff Popovich

Information: Rockford beat Maple Lake 37-17. Josh had two interceptions for touchdowns. One was 100 yards. He also ran in two touchdowns at quarterback of 18 and 9 yards. And he threw one touchdown for 25yards.  He has 7INT on the year.


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