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Monday, June 5, 2017
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Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis

By MSHSL Press Release



JUNE 5, 2017

Minnesota State High School League Office, Brooklyn Center


  • The meeting was called to order by Board President Tom Graupmann. The reflection was given by Board Member Steve Beals. Incoming board members were welcomed: Mike Domin, Crosby-Ironton, MSBA; Blaine Novak, New York Mills, Regions 5-6A; Todd Waterbury, Mankato East, Regions 1-2AA. Kirby Ekstrom, North Branch Area, MSBA, was not present.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                                

  • Added Action Item F, the hiring of an MSHSL Associate Director. It was moved to first in the Action Items.
  • QRF adjustments and instant replay for football were added as Discussion Items.
  • All approved by voice vote.


  • The minutes from the April 6, 2017 board meeting were approved.


  • Lobbyist Roger Aronson provided a handout on the tax bill provisions as it relates to the approval of the League sales tax exemption. Also shared information on Senate File No. 2191, Senate File No. 2352, and HF 2609.


  • Two active cases have been resolved.


  • Received feedback from League staff on the speech state tournament, adapted bowling, adapted softball and visual arts.
  • There were 19 applicants for the Associate Director position.
  • The Representative Assembly amendments approved on May 15 were shared.
  • An inquiry to the League Office was made regarding the possibility of a presenting partner relationship for a bass fishing competition. Illinois and Kentucky offer fishing as an activity.
  • Discussion at the Mid-States Meeting included the Big Ten Conference’s move to play college football on Friday nights. Mid-States representatives have met with Big Ten officials to dissuade them regarding that decision.


  • Approved an annual agreement between Cloquet High School and Fond du Lac Ojibwe School. The agreement allows Fond du Lac students to participate in MSHSL programs at Cloquet High School when Fond du Lac does not offer those programs.
  • Approved a request from La Crescent High School to participate in the Wisconsin Forensics Association.
  • Approved the hiring of a part-time intern, beginning in August.
  • Reviewed and approved changes to MSHSL golf rules and policies to adhere to USGA regulations.
  • Recommended to the board a bid from Trophies Plus to continue supplying medals and trophies through the 2018-19 school year. The board approved the recommendation.
  • Shared information following lengthy committee discussion and review of a Rubric developed by League staff. The Rubric was helpful in affirming the placement of four schools in football for the 2017 season.
  • Approved two senior boys’ hockey players from St. Croix Lutheran to finish their high school playing careers at Minnehaha Academy.
  • Discussed board goals, specifically addressing Classification. A target date to either make a decision or maintain the current state is December, 2018.
  • Denied Southwest Christian’s request for scheduling additional hockey games beyond what had already been approved for the 2017-18 school year.


  • The board approved the recommendation to hire Bob Madison as an Associate Director, effective July 27, 2017. The duties include football, Dance Team, boys basketball, baseball and the AD’s Advisory Committee.
  • The books and topics to be used during the 2017-18 Speech season were approved.
  • The complimentary season ticket list for 2017-18 was approved.
  • The preliminary budget for the 2017-18 school year was approved.
  • Three Winter Advisory Committee recommendations for Dance Team were denied. One recommendation was a rule change, and another will be address as a format change during the 2017-18 school year.
  • One Winter Advisory Committee recommendation for Gymnastics was approved.
  • Three Winter Advisory Committee recommendations for Wrestling were approved.
  • Three Advisory Committee recommendations for Tennis were approved.


  • Board Member Emmett Keenan, chair of the Eligibility Committee, presented a proposed transfer eligibility review flow chart.
  • Representative Assembly information was shared.
  • Proposed QRF changes and the possibility of instant replay in football was discussed. More discussion on these topics will take place at the August board meeting.
    • MINNESOTA-SCORES ADDENDUM - We have proposed three changes for discussion at the board level
      • A more clear definition of when a Coaches Vote is required when team(s) forfeit
      • Adding "Conference/District Record" as the second criteria for the Tiebreaker Margin, after Head to Head and before "Overall Record".
        • Requirement that the tied teams be from the same conference and play the same conference opponents.
      • Require a team to play minimum number of games in order to use their QRF for seeding.
        • Teams not playing enough games to be statistically compared to the others in their Section will be seeded last.


Eligibility Committee

  • The Eligibility Committee’s report was presented and approved.

Audit/Finance Committee

  • The March and April financial statements were presented and approved.
  • The board approved the League’s Charitable Organization Report/Form 990.
  • The board approved a motion to purchase Head’s Up concussion insurance at a rate of $1.50 per student participant.
  • The board approved a motion to lock-in catastrophic insurance for the 2018-19 school year at a rate of $5.00 per student participant.

Marketing and Communications

  • An adapted athletics promotional video can be viewed on the League website.
  • The Media Policy Manual is under its annual review.
  • All publications are on track for the August mailing.
  • Staff is evaluating a sponsorship opportunity with a sports drink company.
  • Partnerships with Bauer, STX and AAA Minneapolis have expired, but renewal talks are underway.
  • The selection process for the 2017 Hall of Fame Class is underway. The Hall of Fame induction banquet is scheduled for Oct. 22, 2017. 

Technology/Coaches and Officials

  • The board approved a committee recommendation to partner with the Super Bowl LII Legacy Committee to co-sponsor the 2017 Why We Play conference and to provide a recognition event in conjunction with the 2017 Prep Bowl.
  • The Continuing Education Requirement will go live on the League’s website on July 1.


  • The new board member orientation is July 10 at the League Office.
  • League summer hours: Monday, June 12-Thursday, August 31, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. The office is closed on Fridays during that span.
  • The next board meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 8.
  • Presented plaques to retiring board members: Betsy Anderson, Steve Beals, Tom Graupmann and Emmett Keenan. Board member Deb Pauly had been recognized at the Executive Committee meeting on June 4, 2017.


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