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Monday, October 5, 2015
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Hill City
Silver Bay
South Ridge

Section 5 9-Man Seeding Scenario

By Ryan Weinzierl - Minnesota-Scores


These guesstimates were created without using any week 8 wins by previous opponents. With each team providing at a minimum of 64 previous opponent opponent outcomes, we provide no guarantee that the below WILL happen, only that it is likely to happen.


Assume the "Probables" WILL happen. If one of the Probables does not happen as listed below, it will change some of the outcomes.


Bigfork over Northland
Cromwell over Onamia
Floodwood over Hill City
Silver Bay over Carlton
McGregor over Mesabi Academy


South Ridge vs Mountain Iron-Buhl


Scenarios - * = possible Tiebreaker Margin


Seed South Ridge win MIB win
1 Cromwell Cromwell
2 Silver Bay * Silver Bay
3 South Ridge South Ridge *
4 McGregor McGregor
5 Floodwood Floodwood
6 Northland * Northland *
7 Carlton Carlton
8 Hill City Hill City




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